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[Amplify Animation Pack] I found an awesome 3rd person controller for Vroid games

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I would love to make a quick game prototype.

This article introduces you to a great asset called Amplify Animation Pack.

Contrary to its name, this asset contains a third-person controller and gimmick script.

I also explain in Youtube videos, so if you find any part of the blog post difficult to understand, I would be glad if you could watch my videos.

Table of Contents

Importing Amplify Animation Pack

First, import the Amplify Animation Pack into your project from the link below.

It is a paid asset, but I think it is worth it.

Asset Store link of Amplify Animation Pack
Animation Categories
  • Weapons (bows, pistols, machine guns)
  • Boats
  • Swimming
  • Vehicle use
  • Ladders
  • Locomotion (with jumping balling)
  • Covering
  • Climbing (walls, bars)
  • Interaction (doors, levers, pickups)
  • Melee attack + throwing
  • Ladders

Once the import is complete, open and run the demo scene.

I think everything is set up good.

The script seems to need some modification as it often gets stuck in a bug when judging wall grabbing.

Replace the default character with your Vroid 3D model

Download UniVRM to handle 3D models made by Vroid in Unity.

Download link for UniVrmn

Drag and drop the Unitypackage file into the Unity editor for import.

Now that you can handle VRM files in Unity, you can import your Vroid 3D models into your project.

Add a 3D model for the Mesh game object directly below the character from the demo scene hierarchy.

Then, hide the game object SK_Amplify_Character, which is present by default.

Finally, change the value of Avatar in the Animator component of the Mesh game object to VrmAvatar to complete the entire setup.

Run the editor to check.

You should be able to control your character's third-person perspective.

Wrap up

This article introduced a very nice third-person controller.

Using this asset should increase the speed of your game development.

I hope this article will be of some help to you in your game development.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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