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Increase the number of app installs by making good use of app review sites for free [2021]

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Hello, this is Evelyn! If you've visited this article, you're probably developing a game as an individual.

I've developed a smartphone game or app, but the number of installs hasn't really increased.

I think you may be having those problems.

I had the same problem, and after a lot of searching, I found out that I could get a certain effect by using an app review site where I could request to be listed for free.

However, there are a lot of websites that are no longer in operation and websites that you cannot request to be listed for free in the information that comes up in the search, and you will need a lot of time to find out which app review sites are really effective.

In this article, I will only tell you about the websites that I actually request to be listed for free. I hope this information will be useful to you.

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How many installs did my app get?

The above is the number of installs of the application I developed.

In mid-January of 2021, I submitted a request for publication to an app review site. The number of installs is not increasing rapidly, but we can see a gradual upward trend.

As a result of my request for publication on an app review site.

It had some effect! (ノ´∀`*)

List of app review sites

Here are some of the websites I've been asked to post!

Site request url
APPS TOP Submit your app
apps zoom Submit your app
Mobile App Daily Submit your app
APP AGG Submit your app
alpjadigits Submit your app
Appliv Submit your app
AppleRank Submit your app
トレジャーアプリ Submit your app

Conclusion of "Asking to publish your app on a review site for free"

These are the websites that I have been using.

If you know of any other good websites, please feel free to contact me on twitter. Thank you for reading to the end. I'll see you in another article.

Summary of this article

Make good use of app review sites to increase the number of installs!

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