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Trail Effect on a 3D character in Universal Render Pipeline [Unity / Easy Trail Effect (URP & LWRP)]

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Hello guys :) I'm Evelyn and a supporter of Indie GameDev.

I want to use Universal Render Pipeline to give my characters cool effects like lightning bolts.

To help you out, this article introduces an asset called Easy Trail Effect (URP & LWRP).

In this article, you can implement the following effects, so please read to the end.

I have a Youtube video explaining it all! If you like it, please subscribe to my channel!

Table of Contents

Importing packages

This article starts with a 3d character running in the Universal Render Pipeline.

If you don't know how to do that, please read the following article beforehand.

First, you'll need to purchase Easy Trail Effect (URP & LWRP) from the UnityAssetStore!

Next, import the assets in the Package Manager.

Once the import is complete, open the demo scene and run it in the Unity Editor!

It prepares not only the character trails, but also the trails for the sword and ball.

Apply Trail Effect

Now it's time to apply the Trail Effect to your character!

First, copy the Trail Procedure from the demo scene.

And then, paste it into your project's scene.

Then we will edit the values of the Trail Manager variables added to the game object we just pasted.

Drag and drop the character's mesh to the Game Obj Target and adjust the other parameters to your liking.

All work is now complete!!

Once you have done this, you should see the trail effect as shown in the image below.

Summary of this article

Trail effects for characters and swords can make a game look much richer, so I'd definitely use them aggressively!

In this blog post, the trail effect is always displayed to simplify the implementation, but in a real game, you may want to display the effect only when moving fast.

Why buy Easy Trail Effect (URP & LWRP)?
  • Easy to implement cool effects!
  • Supports the Universal Render Pipeline!!

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Hope to see you again in another article.

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