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Use Dynamic Bone to shake the bones of your 3D model

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Today I'm going to show you how to use Dynamic Bone to shake your 3D model's hair, chest, and clothes. Dynamic Bone is a paid asset, but it's very easy to use.

I've created a 3D model, but how do I shake my hair and clothes?

This is a blog post that will satisfy your needs.

This blog post is also available as a short 2-minute video on youtube, so please check it out.

Table of Contents

Importing Assets

First, let's import the assets. Go to the Unity Asset Store Url below to purchase them.

Once the purchase is complete, open it in the Unity editor and import the package.

After the import is complete, a new folder will be created under the Assets folder.

Assign a script

Next, let's attach the script to the 3D model. Create an empty GameObject and add the Dynamic Bone script to the component.

Specify the parent bone of the bone you want to shake as the root. We can also specify the bones you want to exclude as the target of the shaking.

These are the simple steps to complete the process.

Wrap up

Today, I introduced Dynamic Bone in Unity Asset. What do you think of it? I hope it will be useful for your game development.

If you don't have Dynamic Bone yet, please buy it from the link above and try it out. The image files are available for free download from the link below, so please use them.

Summary of this article

Use Dynamic Bone to shake the bones of your 3D model!

That's all Evelyn has to say about this. Thank you for reading to the end.

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