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Make your game available in multiple languages - Unity / No Coding Easy Localization

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I've created a game, but it's not being played as much as I expected. The people who have played it say it's fun, but...

I'm sure every game developer has experienced something like this at one time or another.

Localization is one of the most effective ways to get more people to play the games you create.

This article will introduce Unity Asset, which allows you to support other languages in your Unity project without coding.

There's also a Youtube video that explains how to use it in detail, so watch it!

Table of Contents

Importing Assets

First, please import No Coding Easy Localization from Unity Asset Store.

This asset supports localization of the following three components

  • UI Text
  • 3D Text

Edit the master data

Then, select Tools > NoCodingEasyLocalization in the menu bar to bring up a window where you can edit the master data.

Next, edit the master data and select the language to be used in the game.

Place a prefab in the scene to switch between languages

This package provides two methods of language switching: radio buttons and drop-down.

Incorporate whichever one you like into your game and let your users choose the language!

Radio buttons


Create a scriptable object to manage language data

Right-click in the project window to create a scriptable object called Create > Tools > NoCodingEasyLocalization > Localize Data that manages string data for each language.

When you select a scriptable object, a field will be created in the inspector for each language managed by the master data, and you can enter a string that matches your game.

Tying scripts to existing UI

Now let's tie the language data we've created to the UI!

UI Text

Add the Localize UI Text script to the UI text.

In addition, let's assign the scriptable object that we just created.

3D Text

Add the Localize 3D Text script to the 3D text.

In addition, let's assign the scriptable object that we just created.

Summary of this article

How was it? In this article, I have introduced a method to easily support other languages with no code.

Make your game playable in multiple languages and get lots of people to use it!

I hope the content of this article has been helpful to you.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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