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Free 3D character models for game development (Unity Asset Store / Mixamo / Vroid Studio)

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Hello! I'm Evelyn.

When you are developing a game, there are times when you wish you had 3D characters that you could use for free.

For those of you who are interested, we have compiled a list of 3D character models that are available for free.

I hope I can be of some help to you.

Table of Contents

Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store has a ton of assets that are free!

Unity-Chan! Model

Unity-Chan! is easy to use, so I'll try to make it better.

Unity-Chan! is a 3D character officially distributed by Unity.

The asset includes animation data, so it's a very useful asset.

"Query-Chan" model

Query-Chan (Query Lovecraft) is an Android girl made by the Japanese game company Pocket Queries!

I'm so jealous of Query-Chan's cuteness!

Character Model Jelly Fish GIrl

If you want to make a shooting game like Splatoon, this asset is a good choice.

The inclusion of animation data for Attack, Damage, Walk, Run, etc. is also very nice.

Latifa V2 3D: Free Anime Style Character (Game-Ready/VRChat)

This is a 3D model of Anime Style that can be used in VRChat and other applications!

Free Mummy Monster

It's a very cute character.

I think it will match with low-poly games.


This is a mini character that contains animation data.

I'm impressed with the red hair on this asset!


Mixamo, a service run by Adobe, allows you to use not only animation data but also character data in your games.

\ Open website of Mixamo /

There are many characters to choose from.

Click the download button to import the Fbx file into Unity.

Vroid Studio

A service called Vroid, run by a Japanese company called Pixiv, is also very effective.

By using the software Vroid Studio, anyone can easily create 3d characters.

\ Open website of Vroid Studio /
Vroid Studio

Vroid Studio provides sample characters, so if you are not good at creating your own, you can use these characters.

\ Open website of Vroid Studio /
Vroid Studio

Vroid model that I distribute for free.

I have created a character that I am distributing for free, so please try it out.

I'm using the store feature of a service called Ko-fi.

You can download it for free, but you can also pay for it with your own money.


\ Open website of Crower /
Get Crower for free


\ Open website of Sharon /
Get Sharon for free

Summary of this article

I have introduced some 3D characters that can be used for free.

Please try it and see for yourself.

Make good use of free 3D models!
  • Unity Asset, a free 3D character
  • Mizamo
  • Vroid Studio
I hope I was able to contribute to your game development.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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