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Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Indie Game - 2021 Edition

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Hello! Welcome to Evelyn GameDev Blog.

I've created a game or mobile app, but not many people are playing it.

I think that how to make your game known to a large number of people is a challenge that many individual developers face. (I'm currently struggling with this issue myself).

That's how I learn more about marketing every day, and I'll share with you some of the ways I've found.

In this article, I describe the following.

  1. Using forums
  2. Using review sites
  3. Using Product Hunt
  4. Using Reddit
  5. Be aware of the genres of games that are most likely to be found in searches
  6. Your own media and social networking sites
Table of Contents

1. Using forums

Forums about indie game development are one of the best places to promote your project, get feedback, and find players.

Most indie game development forums have special boards and threads for promotion.

Try using the following forum.

Be sure to be open to feedback when you post your own.

You also need to take the time to look at, play, and comment on other people's posts.

Join the community and don't just take it, give it back.

2. Using review sites

If you are developing a mobile game, one effective way to do this is to request a review site to publish it.

We have compiled a list of review sites in the past that allow you to make free requests, so please refer to them if you are interested.

3. Using Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a discovery site where people can share and find new applications, products, and games. Users are called "hunters" and they vote for their favorite applications. If your game gets enough votes, it may be featured on the homepage as the "Product of the Day". Submissions to this platform are free.

There is a TOPIC for the game. Please try to participate.

However, if you really want to increase the buzz about your game, there is a service called "SHIP". This is a series of tools to help you spread the word about your game.

4. Using Reddit

Reddit is a huge social forum, also known as the "Front Page of the Internet". The website is divided into millions of subreddits, which are essentially topic-based communities. Users can post, comment, vote, and interact in the subreddits.

Below is a list of the most popular subreddits where you can share your games.

Quick Tips Karma is important on Reddit, so be sure to actively participate in the community first to increase your karma points Reddit's community is not forgiving, so be careful not to be perceived as spam.

5. Be aware of the genres of games that are most likely to be found in searches

Game development can vary greatly depending on the genre.

The following article describes the genres that an individual developer should work on.

6. Your own media and social networking sites

And finally, although this requires a lot of hard work, there is also the option of running a social network or your own media.


Twitter is a great way to spread your message. The following hashtags may be effective.

  • #gamedev
  • #indiegame
  • #screenshotsaturday


Instagram is worth working on because it is an easy way to convey the appeal of your game.

  • #indiegamedev
  • #instagamedev
  • #screenshotsaturday
  • #makegames
  • #gamedev


Youtube is hard to get subscribers, but it's easier to reach them than other social networking sites, so if you have the energy, do it.

It's easier to get subscribers if your content is educational or entertaining rather than developmental.


Posting blog articles is a lot of work, but you can aim to get funds from other directions such as affiliate or Google Adsense earnings.

Summary of this article

It may be difficult to do everything at once since there are quite a lot of things to do, but please try to do what you can, little by little.

Let's work together with me.

Try to do everything possible to get your game out to as many people as possible!

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Thank you for reading to the end.

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