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Use ko-fi to get global throw money- To live by what you love

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Hi, I'm Evelyn! Welcome to Evelyn Game Dev Blog

I wish I had more money so I could take on new challenges with my own projects.

For those of you who have this in mind, I'd like to show you how to use the ko-fi service to receive donations.

ko-fi is a support site where you can donate as little as $3 (the amount and passage can be changed). By using the metaphor of "buying a cup of coffee", it lowers the psychological hurdle of supporting others.

I also use a service called "ko-fi" and have been able to receive a small amount of money from it.

Click here for the official Ko-fi website.

In this article, I would like to share with you what I feel about using ko-fi in the hope that it will help you get started.

Table of Contents

Why I'm using ko-fi

I use ko-fi for the following reasons.

  1. The ko-fi management does not charge a fee for throwing money.
  2. Easy payment acceptance (paypal or stripe)
  3. Not only does it have a throw-away function, but also a store function and a commission function.

1. No fee for throwing money

In ko-fi, the management does not take any commission from throwing money. I think this is an advantage other similar services don't have!(You will have to pay PayPal and Stripe transfer fees, but this is a part that has nothing to do with ko-fi.)

Other popular patreon services charge a fee of 5-12%, so you can feel the kindness of ko-fi's management.

So how does the management make a profit by offering a gold plan Free plan users are charged a 5% commission on all sales made through the store and commission functions. (Gold plan users are not charged for the store and commission functions)

2.Easy to receive payments

You can link PayPal and Stipe.

I use PayPal in conjunction with PlayPal, which is easy to use since many people around the world use it.

If you don't have a PayPal account, this is a good opportunity to start one.

3.Rich features that go beyond just throwing money

The specifics will be introduced in the next section, but in addition to the core functions related to throwing money, there is also a store function and a commission function, making it a strong ally for increasing revenue.

Why I use ko-fi

No fees for throwing money! (However, paypal and stripe transfer fees will apply.)

Introduction to the functions of ko-fi

As I mentioned earlier, ko-fi has a wealth of features!

Throwing money function

First of all, there is the core function of ko-fi, the throwing function. The basic amount is $3, but you can change the amount freely. You can also change the unit of exchange freely.

Shop function

You can also sell products.

We can handle both digital products that are downloaded upon completion of payment and analog products that are shipped upon completion of payment.

commissioning function

In terms of commissions, I wonder if it would work well with illustration work or yoga lessons.

Place ko-fi donation buttons on blogs and other websites.

You can place the donate button on your blog or website.

You can also use the wordpress plugin if you are using wordpress to build your blog.

If you like what I'm doing, I'd appreciate it very much if you could support me.

Ability to connect with youtube live streaming

It can also be linked to Youtube live streaming.

Linking with Discord

It can also be linked to a chat application called Discord, which is often used for community building.

About Premium Plan

Ko-fi has a Gold plan, which gives you access to more features. You may want to upgrade to the Gold plan if you want Ko-fi to continue as it is a revenue reducer for the operation.

What you can do with the free plan

  • Commission-free donation function
  • Store function and commission function
  • Goal setting function
  • Membership (monthly billing) feature ← used to be limited to Gold Plan users, but recently

What you can do with the Gold Plan ($4.5 per month if you pay annually)

  • Everything you can do with the free plan
  • All fees are free
  • Get a gold badge as a sign of support for the ko-fi community
  • Exclusive content offers
  • The ability to change the coffee metaphor to something else
  • Ability to use short usernames
  • Ability to use analytics
More information about ko-fi premium plans

Summary of ko-fi

Although the site is in English, I think you can use it intuitively because the UI is easy to understand.

I hope you will read this article and become interested in ko-fi and you will start using it.

Click here for the official website of ko-fi

There is a follow function in ko-fi, but it's not very active, so I think it's better to aim to increase the revenue while getting people to flow into ko-fi from your SNS or youtube. You can also use it as a payment method when you work with people from overseas.

ko-fi summary

Use ko-fi to increase your revenue globally!

This is Evelyn's message.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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