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[RealToon] Shader swap feature for Vroid #unity3d

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Hi! In this blog post, I'll show you how to easily apply RealToon to your Vroid models in Unity.

RealToon is my favorite because it also supports URP and HDRP.

It is also explained in a Youtube video, so please watch the video if you have difficulty understanding any parts of the text information.

Table of Contents

Importing your Vroid model into Unity

To begin, import your Vroid model into Unity.


We should download the UnityPackage file from the UniVRM GitHub page.

Github Link of UniVRM

Next, drag and drop the UniVRM package file into UnityEditor.

VRM File

After the UniVRM import is complete, create an appropriate folder and import the VRM files.

Swap MToon materials to RealToon

Although it is a paid asset, you can purchase RealToon from the UnityAssetStore.

Import RealToon from the package manager.

Import the shaders by double-clicking on the UnityPackage file in the RealToon Shader Packages folder.

You need to import shaders that match your project's rendering pipeline.

And add the Vroid prefab we mentioned earlier to the hierarchy so that we can see the 3D character in the game window.

Select all Vroid materials in the project window.

In addition, select the following items from the menu bar

Window > RealToon > Shader Swap to RealToon

After clicking the Swap button in the dialog, all work is complete.

Now you can customize RealToon's parameters to your liking.

Wrap Up

How did you like it?

I really like RealToon. I think RealToon is a great asset that is worth paying for.

I hope this article can be of some help in your development.

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