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[Unity] Safe Area for mobile devices with Safe Area Helper

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When you were developing on mobile, have you ever had a user point out that the UI was sticking out of the screen?

I was the same way, I completely forgot about devices that do not have a rectangular screen, such as iOS.

In this article, I'll show you a Unity Asset to help you free yourself from mobile screen weirdness.

I explain about this, in my youtube video. So if you have any unclear points in my blog post, please watch this video.

Table of Contents

Importing Safe Area Helper

First, let's import the packages we need!

We will use a free asset called Safe Area Helper.

Asset Store link of Safe Area Helper

Download and import from the Package Manager.

Add Safe Area Helper

And it's easy to use, just add the SafeArea script to the game object of the UI you want to support.

When we run the project, we see that the UI is safely contained within the screen's display.

Wrap up

What did you think of this short article?

I hope your mobile game will be a success.

If you do release it, let me know on Twitter!

I'll see you in another post!

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