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Create the terrain & water in Unity (this video used NV JOB Water Shader) Really Easy

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Hello! Welcome to EvelynGameDev Blog!!

I want to use Terrain to create the terrain needed for my game.

For those of you who are interested, here is the easiest way to create terrain and water sources.

This blog post will help you create a terrain similar to the following tweet.

There are also videos explaining the process, so please watch Youtube if you have trouble understanding some parts from the text information alone.

Table of Contents

Importing packages

First, import the free assets you need.

Terrain Toolkit 2017

#NVJOB Water Shaders V2.x

Creating Terrain

Next, create a new Terrain in the 3D project.

Then, enter -500 for Transform's Position X and Z.

By doing this, Terrain will move to the center of the camera. (When the Terrain size is the default value)

Click on the Add Component button to add the Terrain Toolkit.

After that, bring up the Terrain Models tab and select the background of your choice.

Display the Toolkit tab and continue with the following operations.

  • Change the Voronoi Preset to Jagged Mountains and click the Generate Voronoi Features button.
  • Change the Preset of Fractal to Rolling Plains and click the Generate Fractal Features button.
  • Change Perlin's Preset to Rocky Mountains and click the Generate Perlin Features button.

Then, change Position Y and adjust it so that the terrain shows up in the camera.

After that, let's change the textures.

In addition, add the water prefab from #NVJOB Water Shaders V2.x to the hierarchy and change the Position Y to 0.

Finally, we'll change the lighting.

Changed Skybox.

Add Post-Processing Behavior to Main Camera and change the Profile to your liking.

And increase the Intensity value of Directional Light a little.

This completes the entire process.

Summary of this article

In this case, we used two free assets to create a simple terrain.

Terrain is a very useful feature, and I hope you will use it to your advantage in game development.

I hope I was able to be of some help to you. See you in another article.

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