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Display the Unity Ads banner with no code (it's also compatible with ATT on iOS)

  • Evelyn

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Hi I'm Evelyn.

I want to show ads in a mobile game I developed. But it's difficult because I can't program.

I will show you how to display banner ads with no coding required.

And I've even included ATT (app tracking transparency) support for iOS.

There's a video explaining it too, so if there's anything in the blog post you don't understand, by all means watch it!

Setting up Untiy Ads

First, open the Project Setting and enable Ads.

Next, go to the Monetization dashboard and fully activate Unity Ads.

Importing a package

Then visit the following github and download the unitypakcage file from the release page.

This package has been created by me for you. If you like the project, I hope you will support me on Ko-fi.

Furthermore, drag and drop the downloaded unitypackage file to the unity editor.

Add a prefab to the scene and edit the inspector

And finally, place the prefab on the first screen of your game and edit the game ID in the Inspector to that of your project.

The work is now complete.

After the build, you should see the ads successfully, and in the case of iOS, a dialog about ATT will also appear.

Summary of this article

How was it?

Advertising has additional work to do for each platform, such as ATT support, so please make use of the packages I introduced here.

Monetize your mobile game!

Thank you for reading to the end.

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Please share this article if you like!