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(Unity) Change the compression method when building iOS to greatly reduce the app install size. (From 209MB to 119MB)

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If you're reading this article, you're probably struggling with the large install size of your iOS app.

It is said that the installation size of an application should be less than 150MB.

This is because if the installation size is too large, the probability of it being canceled midway increases.

In this article, I will carefully explain the compression method based on my experience, and I hope you will read it to the end.

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My experience: from 209MB to 119MB by simply changing the compression method.

I had previously been bothered by the large install size of iOS apps. The original install size of my iOS app was 377MB.

Then I adopted Sprite Atlas. As described in detail in the following article, I succeeded in reducing the size from 377MB to 209MB.

But it's still not enough. As I mentioned in the beginning, the installation size of the application should be less than 150MB.

Then I noticed the default compression method in the iOS build settings.

As a test, I changed the compression method from the default to LZ4, and the app install size decreased remarkably.

The Android app originally had a small install size, but that was because the LZ4 was selected from the beginning.

Explanation of compression methods

  • Default: Zip decompression
  • LZ4 : chunk-based LZ4 compression
  • LZ4HC : more compressed than LZ4

The higher the compression ratio, the better. However, the higher the compression ratio, the slower the load time may be.

Also, enabling CompressWithLz4 on Android may significantly improve performance when loading data, as LZ4 decompression is faster than the default Zip decompression.

Wrap up

How did it go? You should definitely try changing the compression method when you release a mobile game.

I'd be happy if I could contribute to increasing the number of installs for your mobile game.

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