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Import Mixamo's 3D model into Unity and make it walk around with the 3rd person character controller in Starter Assets.

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Hello! I'm very glad you visited the Evelyn GameDev Blog.

If you've arrived at this article as a result of your search, you probably want to move 3D characters in Unity.

To solve your problem, I'll show you how to download 3D models from a free service called Mixamo and make them run around in Unity.

I will explain it clearly with pictures, so please read to the end!
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Import Mixamo's 3D model to Unity

First, let's proceed with the preparation of the 3D model.

Click on the link below to access the Mixamo website and log in. (If you do not have an Adobe account, please create one.)

Mixamo website url

Once you are logged in, click on the Character tab to view the list of characters.

Then select the character you want. This time I will choose a character named Ely.

Next, click the orange download button on the right, and then click the Download button in the dialog that appears.

The fbx file should be downloaded.

After the download is complete, create a new 3D project from UnityHub.

Then drag and drop the fbx file into the opened Unity Editor project window and import it into your project.

In addition, select the 3d character file and change the Rig Animation Type to Humanoid in the inspector.

Next, go to the Materials tab and click on the Extract Textures button.

After that, click the Extract Materials button.

(Be sure to extract the textures and then the materials in that order. Otherwise, the material will not be able to recognize the texture properly.)

When extracting the material, a dialog box called Normal Map Setting will appear, so click on the Fix now button.

Import Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller

Now that the importing of the 3D character is complete, the next step is to prepare the character for movement.

Click on the link below to go to the Asset Store website and import it into your Unity Project.

Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller

In the Package Manager, click the Import button when you see Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller.

When asked if you want to use the new Input System, click Yes.

The new Input System is very useful, so you may want to take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with it.

After restarting UnityEditor, the required packages have been imported.

Set up this characters so they can run around.

Now it's time to place your characters in the game and get them moving.

setup scene

In the project window, navigate to the ThirdPersonController folder under Starter Assets, and then to the Prefabs folder.

Then, drag and drop the second prefab from the left, NestedParentArmature_Unpack, into the hierarchy.

Unpack the prefab by right-clicking on the prefab you just added.

After that, delete the geometry and skeleton in the PlayerArmature child elements.

In addition, drag and drop the Mixamo 3D character to the position you just deleted.

Finally, delete the MainCamera that exists by default, and after that, change the avatar in the Animator component of the PlayerArmature to that of the Mixamo character.

This completes all the work.

play on Unity Editor

After this much work, all the implementation is complete.

Let's check the behavior by clicking on the Play button.

The character controls are as follows.

  • Arrow keys and W, A, S, D keys: move the character.
  • Shift key while moving: Run
  • Space key: Jump
  • Mouse control: Move the Camera Direction

Wrap up

This time I used Mixamo's 3D characters and Starter Assets to move the characters around.

Starter Assets are new assets that were created because the previously distributed Standard Assets were not compatible with the newer version of Unity.

This is distributed by the official Unity, so you can feel secure and it is very useful.

I hope this article will be useful to you.

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Thank you for reading to the end.

Please share this article if you like!