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What are the different types of Unity licenses, Plus plan and Pro plan?

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Unity is a game engine that is used by many people, both individuals and companies.

Recently, Fall guys and Genshin have been in the news for being made with Unity.

There are many different licenses available for Unity, but many people are not sure what the differences are and which one to choose.

There are many different licenses for Unity, but many people are not sure which one to choose.

In this article, I'll introduce the Unity license.

What you can learn from this article
  1. Types of Unity licenses
  2. Which license is right for you?

Table of Contents

Types of Unity licenses

To release and use Unity's limitations, you need to purchase a license. A license is a license to use Unity, and the monthly fee, terms of use, and services available vary greatly depending on the type of license.

There are four major types of Unity licenses as follows

  1. Personal : for individuals
  2. Plus : For small companies and individuals who want to do full-scale development.
  3. Pro : For industry professionals
  4. Enterprise : For large companies

You can choose to pay the monthly fee by credit card or PayPal. The terms and conditions for using the license will be determined by the revenue and funds raised (in USD) in the past 12 months.

Let's take a look at each of these plans in detail.

1. Personal

Personal is a plan for beginners who want to get started in game development.

This is a good plan for individuals who want to start game development until they can secure a profit.

Fee Free
Requirements $100,000 or less in revenue or funds raised in the past 12 months
Simultaneous players 20

Even though it is a beginner's plant, the latest versions of the major Unity development platforms are available, providing the minimum environment required for game development.

2. Plus

Purchase Unity Plus

Plus is a license for creators who want to create games the way they want to.

Fee $438.90 /yr per seat
Requirements Less than $200,000 in revenue or funds raised in the past 12 months
Simultaneous players 50

The following is a representative list of features available from a Plus license.

Customize the splash screen

The splash screen is the connecting image between opening the application and launching it. By default, the splash screen is set to the Unity logo and cannot be changed in Personal.

By choosing the Plus or higher plan, you can customize the splash screen and even remove it completely.

Cloud Diagnostics

Cloud Diagnostics is a cloud-enabled tool that collects and compiles reports on user behavior and game crashes in your game.

By analyzing the reports, you can modify and improve your game to further increase user satisfaction.

Purchase Unity Plus

3. Pro

Purchase Unity Pro

Pro is a more professional license than Plus. The monthly fee and terms of use are as follows.

Fee $1,980 /yr per seat
Requirements Anyone can use it
Simultaneous players 100

And with Pro, you get all the features of Plus plus many more advanced features to create more advanced games.

Unity Success Advisor

By using the Unity Success Advisor, you can not only get useful information about Unity, but also exchange information and opinions about game development with other Plus and Pro users. As a result, you can further expand your knowledge and expertise in game development.

Premium Support

Premium Support is a highly responsive support team for Unity that will help you solve any problems that you may encounter in game development that are difficult to resolve.

Premium Support, on the other hand, requires an additional fee.

Accessing the source code

It gives you direct access to Unity's source code and enables you to develop more advanced games. However, access to the source code is optional as well as premium support and requires an additional fee.

Purchase Unity Pro

4. Enterprise

Purchase Unity Enterprise

Enterprise is a service that provides Unity's real-time 3D development platform and custom solutions for each company. It can be used to create not only more advanced games, but also a wide range of products such as cars, movies, and buildings.

The services offered and the monthly fees vary greatly from company to company.

Which license is right for you?

In this article, I explained the contents of Unity's license. Unity has a wide range of licenses to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals, individuals and companies in game creation.

In particular, if you want to start making games, you can choose the Personal license, which gives you access to Unity's fully capable features for free. If you are familiar with game production and want to use more advanced features to produce games, you can upgrade to Plus or Pro.

If you are an individual developer and the Personal plan is not enough for you, I recommend you to purchase the Plus plan license.

Purchase Unity Plus

However, some features may require optional fees or are only available in English, so please check the details carefully when choosing a license.

Thank you for reading to the end.

I hope this article will be useful for your game development.

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