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Recording in UnityEditor at the size of a smartphone (Unity Recorder)

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When you apply for AppStore or Google Play in Unity, it's hard because you need to prepare screenshots of various sizes.

If you own a variety of devices such as an iPad or an iPhone, you can take screenshots with the devices you have, but not many people have many devices for personal development.

I'd like to take screenshots of various sizes to submit to the AppStore and Google Play for app review.

In this article, I will be using a combination of Unity Recorder and Device Simulator, an official package from Unity. I was able to prepare all the necessary images easily by using these.

Here is a screenshot image that I actually created.

Let's start the process.

Table of Contents

Importing packages

First, we need to import the necessary packages: Unity Recorder and Device Simulator are both official Unity assets.

Open the Package Manager settings page from Project Setting and enable Preview Packages.

Once the preview package is activated, open the Package Manager and import Device Simulator from the Unity Registry.

Next, let's import the Unity Recorder.

Now that we have completed importing the necessary packages, we will actually take the pictures.

Taking a screenshot

Display the Game window. In the upper left corner, you can choose whether you want to view the game or the simulator.

You can switch by selecting a device. In this case, we will select iPhone 7. You can select any device you want.

Next, select the Recorder Window from the menu bar, Window > General > Recorder, and the Recorder Window will appear.

Then, let's add a Recorder. You can choose from various types of videos, images, and Gif animations.

In addition. Save the destination Path to a location of your choice.

Finally, it is time to run the game and take videos and images.

This completes the taking of the screenshot.

How did you like it? I hope that by efficiently taking screenshots of your game's smartphone display, you can focus more on your game development.

Summary of this article

Use Unity Recorder and Device Simulator to prepare images for store review.

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