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UnitySoftware Stock Price Trends and Company Strengths - Why I, as a Game Developer, Own Unity Stock

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Unity's stock is very attractive to investors.

Unity Stock Price Trends

I also own shares of Unity Software. I am not a professional investor, so this article will explain the appeal of Unity Software stock from the perspective of a game developer.

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Unity's Profit Structure

First, there are three main revenue bases for Unity Technology.

  1. Paid Plans for Unity
  2. Unity Ads
  3. Unity Asset Store

Unity is free to use for small developers. (You will see the Unity logo on the startup screen instead, though.)

And for large game companies, paid plans are also available.

Large-scale famous games such as Genshin and Fall Guys are also made with Unity.

Plan Name Fee
Personal Free
Plus $438.90 /yr per seat
Pro $1,980 /yr per seat
Enterprise negotiable

Unity Ads

It is the most significant source of revenue for Unity technology.

I use Unity Ads instead of Google's Admob, because unlike Google's ads, they care very much about developers.

Unity Asset Store

Unity runs a website that sells game development materials.

There have been a lot of sales recently, so Unity is probably trying to increase revenue from the Asset Store.

The virtual reality market will grow in the future

Reference: Grand View Research

VR technology is a MegaTrend that will drive the world in the future.

Unity is used not only as a game engine, but also for video production, architecture, and automated driving simulation.

Unity's market share in VR development is overwhelming, and it will not waver in the future.

Why I own Unity stock

I own a small amount of stock in Unity.

I love Unity as a game developer, and as an individual investor, I plan to hold Unity Software stock for the long term.

I will continue to buy more little by little when it becomes undervalued.

Summary of this article
  • Unity cares about its developers, so users won't leave.
  • Unity's revenue base is diverse.
  • Expanding into various fields, not only as a game engine
  • It will continue to be used as a means of developing VR.

I hope the contents of this article will be useful to you.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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