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[Sending Pose Data] From VRM Posing Desktop to Unity

  • Evelyn
    Full-time IndieDev.
    I'm Japanese, so please forgive me if my English is strange.

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Hi! I'm a full-time indie developer and I have developed an app called VRM Posing Desktop that can send pose information of 3D models to Unity.

This blog post will show you how to do that.

I'd like to be able to pose my characters easily when shooting them in Unity.

I would be happy if I could be of help to those who have such thoughts.

It is also explained in a Youtube video, so please watch the video if you have difficulty understanding any parts of the text information.

Table of Contents

Importing Packages

First of all, let's import necessary packages.


Download UniVRM


Download uOSC


Download SampleBonesReceive.cs

Next, import the downloaded package into your Unity project.

VRM Posing Desktop

If you have not purchased the posing app I developed, please do so.

Setting Up

Setup is very easy. Just follow these steps
  1. Add a 3D model to your hierarchy.
  2. Add an empty game object SampleBonesReceive.
  3. This will automatically add the UOscServer as well.
  4. Assign the VRM game object to SampleBonesReceive

And then, all the necessary work is done.

Send pause data from VRM Posing Desktop to Unity

You can link the pause information by launching the VRM Posing Desktop and clicking the Run button from the window about the VMC protocol.

The poses are synchronized in this way.


How was it?

The VMC/OSC protocol is very useful and we encourage you to use it.

If you are a developer, supporting the VMC protocol will open up further possibilities.

Let's keep developing games for each other!

I hope this article has been of some help to you in your game/application development.

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