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Experience the metaverse by participating in a Zoom conference with a 3D model made with Vroid (Both Win and Mac are OK!)

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Welcome to Evelyn GameDev Blog!!!

I'd like to participate in Zoom with an avatar of a 3D model made by Vroid.

In this blog post, I'll show you how to attend a Zoom meeting with a 3D model made by Vroid (or a 3D model in VRM format)!

In this blog post we will do the following

  1. Use 3tene (or any other software) to track the 3D model.
  2. Prepare a virtual camera for OBS and capture the screen of the tracking software.
  3. Change Zoom's camera settings to OBS's virtual camera.

Table of Contents

1. Running a 3D model with 3tene software.

You can use any software you like, such as VSeeFace or FaceRig. 3tene is not particularly good, but it works in both Windows and Mac environments.

** If you already know how to use the tracking software, please skip to the next section. **

Download 3tene free from the link below.

Click here for 3tene FREE download site.

Click the fourth icon from the top on the left menu bar to change the character.

And click the plus icon to select your own VRM file.

We will change the background to a green background because we will later use OBS to do a chroma key composite so that the character will blend in with the background.

You can change the background by clicking the photo icon on the left menu bar.

Click the icon in the upper right corner to enable face tracking.

By the way, the paid version of 3tene also allows you to move your 3d model's body in various ways.

When you install OBS later, you may find that 3tene tracking does not work. If this is the case, change the webcam setting from OBS virtual camera to the device's camera and it will work fine.

2. Capture OBS virtual camera tracking software.

Download OBS Studio from the link below.

Click here for OBS Studio download site.
You may see some online articles about installing an additional virtual camera, but it is not necessary in the current environment.
** If you are using a Mac, you will need to grant security permissions to OBS. If you are using Windows, you do not need to do anything. **

When you start the software, it is completely dark, so click the plus button in the source area to add a window capture.

Give it a name of your choice and select the OK button.

Change the window to the tracking software and click the OK button; in Windows, there is an item called "Capture method", change it to the one that displays well.



You can change the size of the source by dragging the small red dot. 3tene's UI is in the way, so you can change the display area of the capture window by dragging while holding down the Option key on Mac (Alt key on Windows).

With the window capture selected, click the Filter button.

Then, click on the plus icon in the lower left corner and select Chroma Key.

Only the character were displayed in a nice way.

Add a background image as a finishing touch on the OBS side. You may use Zoom's background for this.

Select the image you want and add it.

Rearrange the order so that the image is below the window capture. Then start the OBS virtual camera, and you are done with OBS.

3. Change Zoom's camera settings to OBS's virtual camera.

Open the Zoom settings.

Change the camera in the video settings to the OBS virtual camera. You are now all set to go.

Let's join the meeting!

Wrap up

What did you think?

As the market for the metaverse becomes more established, the demand for 3D CG is expected to increase.

In the future, we may be conducting meetings through more virtual means rather than Zoom.

It's exciting to think about that.

Let's live through the coming turbulent times together!

Thank you for reading to the end.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.

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