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Making a 3d Vroid model face-track in 3tene (Become a Vtuber even if you are a Mac user!)

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Hello guys!! Vroid is a great 3D character platform, isn't it?

I'm using a Mac and would like to run the Vroid model, but I envy Windows users who can use VSeeFace and the like.

In this article, I'll explain how to make Vroid 3D models face-tracking with 3tene software to solve your problems.

There is also a Youtube video explaining it; it's 2.5 minutes long, so please watch it.

Now let's get the Vroid model face-tracking together!

Table of Contents

exporting a vrm file from Vroid Studio (If you do not have a 3D model made by Vroid)

If you are reading this article, maybe you already have a Vroid model.

However, if you don't have it yet, you can download Vroid Studio from the link below.

Click here for the Vroid Studio download site.

When you launch the downloaded Vroid Studio, you will see many sample avatars.

You can either create your own Vroid model or open a sample avatar.

From here on, we wilsupposed that your Vroid model is already completed.

I'll not explain the making of Vroid in this article so I'll proceed on the assumption that you have selected a sample avatar.

I'll not explain the making of Vroid in this article so I'll proceed on the assumption that you have selected a sample avatar.

In order to export a 3D model, please do the following three things

  1. select "Camera/Exporter" from the top tab.
  2. click "Export" from the left menu.
  3. click the "Export" button on the right menu.

A dialog box will appear. Enter the Name, Author, and Version items, and then click the OK button.

Choose a location of your choice to save the VRM file!

Face tracking a Vroid model in 3tene

Once the VRM file has been successfully exported, it's time to get to work in 3tene!

First, visit 3tene website and download the 3tene FREE software!

If you just want to use face tracking, you can use it for free.

Click here for 3tene FREE download site.
3tene website is in Japanese, but don't worry, there is a download button if you scroll down to the bottom.

After the download is complete, launch 3tene FREE.

By default, the language is Japanese, so convert it to English by referring to the image below.

You can change your character by clicking on the icon with multiple people.

Click on the plus icon to add the Vroid model that you just exported!

Clicking on the human face icon will bring up a panel where you can change the character's expression.

The full body icon of a person displays a dialog to change the pose.

The brush and glitter icons display various effects.

Expressions, poses, and effects can be assigned shortcut keys to intentionally manipulate the character during delivery.

In order for the distribution software to successfully compose the image, the background needs to be yellow-green.

Click on the image icon, change the background to Custom Color, and click on the yellow-green color.

Finally, click on the icon in the upper right corner that focuses on a person's face to activate face tracking and lip sync.

This article is about face-tracking, so I won't touch on streaming.

You can use OBS Studio or a similar tool to trim the character parts and display them for successful distribution.


In this article, we tried to use 3tene FREE to run Vroid Model with face tracking for free and easily.

How was it?

It's so convenient to be able to run the Vroid model so easily! There's not a lot of software for Mac, so this is a big help.

If this article inspires you to become a Vtuber, please let me know on my Twitter.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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