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Why you should do Youtube and blogging at the same time - so you don't fall behind in your information dissemination

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Hi, welcome to Evelyn GameDev.

If you've come to this article, you're probably a "sender of information" or "would like to send out information".

I've started blogging, but I can't get much traffic and I feel depressed.

In order for you not to stop sending out information, I would like to introduce you to a case study of my game development blog and game development youtube channel.

  • Youtube : Evelyn GameDev Channnel
  • Blog : Evelyn GameDev Blog
I'm just at the starting level of the information dissemination marathon, but we're in this together!

Table of Contents

How I came to start Youbue and a blog at the same time.

I've been working as an independent developer of apps and games for a long time.

I wanted to let as many people know about my work as possible, so I started sending out information.

In March 2021, I started posting one Youtube video per week, and in May 2021, I started posting three blog posts per week.

Frequency of information dissemination in the early days

  • Youtube : 1 post per week (some weeks I don't post)
  • Blog : 3 articles per week

In the beginning, I didn't put much effort into it because I had to work in between my game development time, but as the results gradually came in, the ratio of information dissemination increased.

Frequency of recent information dissemination

  • Youtube : 3 post per week
  • Blog : 6 articles per week

The benefits of developing Youtube and a blog at the same time

A lot of good has come from sending out messages on Youtube and writing blog posts at the same time.

Youtube is relatively easy to attract search traffic even in the early stages.

Youtube is surprisingly easy to get access to in the beginning.

As of August 5, 2021, 410 people have subscribed to my channel. I think it's thanks to the fact that I'm providing useful information, not entertainment-type information.

The growth rate is so fast that I expect to achieve the monetization requirement (1000 registered users and 4000 hours of play time) by the end of this year, which is a good result for uploading one video per week.

70% of the traffic came from search.

I'm glad I was providing useful information instead of entertainment.

Youtube is an easy way to get your channel subscribers to support your activities.

If you are sending out useful information on Youtube, you will find people who will enthusiastically support you.

Even with a weak channel with only 400 subscribers, some people have started to support my game development through Ko-fi, a money throwing service.

"If you are wondering, "What is Ko-fi? If you are wondering what Ko-fi is, please read the following article as well.

By linking your blog to Youtube, you can handle a variety of situations.

If you are on the train or want to get information at your own pace, blog posts are right for you.

On the other hand, if you are stuck at home, or if you want to get detailed explanations, then youtube videos are for you.

Embed the youtube video in your blog, or put the link to your blog in the description or comment section of the youtube video.

Then, if you prefer blogs, you can bookmark us, and if you prefer video media, you can subscribe to our channel.

You can also do affiliate marketing on Youtube.

Depending on the affiliate program, you can also do affiliate marketing on Youtube.

My physical impression is that explaining on Youtube video is more likely to lead to conversions than blogging.

You will be more motivated to send out information on Youtube if you already have revenue from affiliate program before you achieve the monetization condition of Youtube advertisement.

The hard part

Running a blog and youtube at the same time is hard because of the increased workload.

However, I think it's fine as long as you can do it.

Why don't you start by posting one youtube video a week like I did? I'm sure you'll start to enjoy sending out information.

Summary of this article

This is how I introduced the idea of blogging and posting on Youtube at the same time.

Why you should do Youtube and blogging at the same time.
  • Blogging is a slow starter, but Youtube gets search traffic from the beginning.
  • Youtube is an easy way to get fans to support you.
  • You can do affiliate marketing both on your blog and on Youtube.
  • Visualization of results makes information dissemination fun.

I hope this article will be a good starting point for you to start sending out information in two ways: Youtube and blog.

I would be happy if I could contribute to your game development even a little bit.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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